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Connecting People
& Places

In today’s world, people and goods are moving around the globe at a rapid pace. Airports, seaports and transport organizations can count on C Squared to plan for the safe and secure transport of people and cargo, facility access, protection of property and detection of threats. We have the necessary clearance credentials to work in this highly regulated environment and we stay on top of the latest issues, products and best practices in transport security. 


More often we are seeing physical infrastructure projects involving facility management, information technology and security departments with merging responsibilities. C Squared can facilitate convergence among these departments and their systems, guiding procurement of the right video management, CCTV, entry and alarm equipment, command and control technology and IT requirements, while ensuring ever-evolving standards are met.


We now live and work in a world where technology changes what we do and how we communicate every day. People use technology in all aspects of their lives, not just work. Customers, citizens and clients expect businesses, governments and organizations to improve communications, manage their information and respond to issues and crisis in new and more effective ways. C Squared can bring you people with specialized knowledge to work alongside your team to expertly manage projects and provide technology solutions.

Critical Needs.

We specialize in designing physical security plans for critical assets like bridges, utilities, telecommunications, ports, water and power systems. We can recommend the most effective and trusted technology and methods for assessing risks, monitoring the environment for potential threats, preventing damage, theft and responding effectively to emergencies.


Securing Your Assets


At C Squared, we have experienced professionals who take a customer-centric approach when managing projects. Principal consultant and team lead Chris Clarke, is a certified project manager (PMP) and physical security professional (PSP) with an MBA who understands how to plan and develop strategies to achieve your overall business objectives. At C Squared, we source out and implement customized technology solutions to meet project needs, get results and exceed expectations.

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